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okey another giveaway time :>!!

this time, whats up for grabs is 2 large prints (11x17 light cardstock), Orianna and Ahri, and 1 set of postcard prints (4x6 heavy cardstock)~ so 3 winners!

the prints came out pretty nice! Ahri’s orb doesn’t look very shiny u_u but thats ok. the cardstock has nice weight but I’m afraid it will take it awhile to uncurl from the mailing tube haha (postcards will be shipped flat).

Rules n stuff:

  • You don’t have to follow me :>
  • 1 reblog and 1 like per person (so 2 entries max)
  • Have your askbox open and be willing to send me your address if you win! If you don’t respond within 24 hours I’ll pick someone else
  • US addresses only, sorry
  • Ends in a week - Feb 9th! Hopefully I can send them out the following Monday so they might arrive by Valentine’s day?! :3
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